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You're all I want. Everything I need.
My hopeless dream - but it wouldn't be so hopeless if I could move on.

But I know - I'm hurting you.
With every move I take, with every look I don't return.
You don't know how much I love you and that you're exactly what I need.

Am I your unrequited love?
The one who's breaking your heart and changing all your goals?
I wonder whether you could live without me even though I'm dispatching you.

There are so many things I have to say to you
But I can't.
How am I supposed to tell you that I love you
If I ignore you?
You wouldn't want to hear anything.
You must think I'm getting away with murder.

There are no words explaining how much I adore you
And there's nothing that describes how afraid I am of harming you.
However, I'm hurting you because I'm so scared.
I don't want to get wound, too.

And I don't know what keeps you holding on.
Slowly but surely you're giving up.
I'm not allowed to blame it on you.
I'm guilty. I waited too long.

You broke yourself against my stones - so many times.
Everytime you tried to speak with me I run away.
You attempted to show me how you feel and you retried it frequently.

I don't matter. I killed you with all the things I didn't do.
I can't clear my debt.
I love you. I need you. I want you.
All these things I'll never say.

How often did my blade cut through your heart
While I felt your burning look on my neck?
You don't deserve the pain I'm causing you.
And I don't deserve to have you.

Your name is carved deep into my heart.
I hope the wound will never heal.
27.10.08 10:32

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